Saturday, January 19, 2013

F.D.A. Approved

             Every day I take a little speed
            I find that it helps to motivate me 
            And whenever my stress gets out of hand
            That's when I down some Diazepam 
            But you don’t got to worry about these drugs I do
            Cause they've all been FDA Approved

            And whenever I think back on all the coke I used to do 
            Man, I must have snorted half of Peru
            And I used to smoke so much weed
            Sober felt like being high to me
            But now I’m a good Samaritan through and through
            All my highs have been FDA Approved

            My parents used to think that I had a problem
            All my friends were so sure I had hit rock bottom
            But now they just sigh and say I'm doin' fine 
            Who knew you could be high and still walk the line?
            Oh but you can, you can, the minute you choose
            Drugs that have been FDA Approved
            Back in the day when I'd take a puff of haze
            It would always end with me in handcuffs getting hauled away 
            But if you don’t want the Law to throw you into prison 
            You better show 'em cops that your pot comes with a prescription
            Oh, you can have your cake and sell it to buy drugs too 
            Just as long as those drugs have been FDA Approved

            And now that I'm finally back to being a member of society
            Certain things are required of me
            If I jump off a ledge, I better land on my head
            Cause suicide’s a crime if you don’t wind up dead
            And my body, well, it ain’t mine to abuse
            Not until the abuse has been FDA Approved 

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