Monday, October 10, 2011

Living in a House of Death

Grandpa's got a piss pot 
Underneath his bed
He’s 95-years-old
But doesn’t look a day over dead
And Dad’s got cancer
He hurts with every breath
Yeah, life can be a bummer
When you’re living in a house of death

Mom takes care of them
And it breaks her heart
She can never remember when
Everything began to fall apart
And she’s always cleaning
Even if there is no mess
Anything to help forget
She’s living in a house of death

The only healthy faces in my house
Are on a box of Wheaties
Even my poor cat’s been
Diagnosed with diabetes

The cabinet in the kitchen
Looks like a pharmacy
Pills for the whole dying family
And sometimes they go missing
Go missing right off the shelf
You got to take the edge off somehow
When you’re living in a house of death

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