Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter to a Friend

   That night you came back into town
And saw me combing the city up and down
For drugs to distract my restless brain
You said it made you feel ashamed.
You said you hardly knew me then
And you weren’t about to have a junky for a friend
You severed ties with me that night,
Unburdening yourself from my lonely plight
And in a single instant nothing remained,  
Years of drunken laughter down the drain.
I am not the same, this much is true
It seems each year I get a little more blue 
And the worst part is these drugs I do 
they just don't get me high the way they used to. 
Yes, it’s safe to say I am doing pretty bad
At the end of each day I am always a little sad
But there is a change in you too
That I would like to speak of,
Which is the hollowness in your heart
I once misconstrued for love.  
For you turned away from me that night
With a callousness that can only be called an art
Renting out the parking space I used to park in
A few feet from your fickle heart.
So go on your way, our days of laughter are done
Your memories like pebbles I toss one by one
Into a river gilded by a glossy sun. 
Watch as they sink beneath the brine
To be entangled by the sunless reeds for all time
Silently enfolded and forever lost
Buried with the millions of severed loves that too were tossed
By bitter lovers whose hearts were nailed to a bitter cross.

So stick close to the people who stay in the sun 
And crowd your life with only the best,
The ones who naturally breed success,
Cautious and prudent, careful with money
And if a joke’s too mean they won’t find it funny.
And they’ll never drink to get drunk for fear they’ll act boldly,
And they can never find time on their schedule to ever feel lonely,
with thoughts forever fixed on pay-raises and pensions, 
fortifying them from anxiety or depression, 
And they will Lift you up on the days you feel down
They are Lifeguards of Life’s Worries, you will never drown.
And you’ll never fall apart or wake up in a ditch
You’ll never have a wound that can’t be stitched
And You’ll only have two drinks if it’s your turn to drive
And no matter how good the honey is, you’ll stay away from the Hive.  
And you’ll never stumble and you’ll never fall
You’re too smart to act reckless
You refuse credit cards at every Mall  
Oh yes, In life’s ceaseless battles, you will win every bout
and you'll never risk being dragged down
For not once will your hand be reaching out….

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